The History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ: 175 B.C. to A.D. 135, Volume 1 (New Revised English Edition)

By Emil Schürer

Serious presentation of the full facts pertaining to Jewish historical past, associations, and literature from one hundred seventy five BC to advert one hundred thirty five; with up-to-date bibliographies.

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The earliest cuneiform relationship is 21 October, one hundred fifty B . C , Parker and Dubherstein, op. cit. , p. 23. the 1st ebook of Maccabees dates Alexander's demise in 167 of the Seleucid period = 146/145 B . C (or 145/4) B. C. (i Mac. 11:19). The date given b y Porphyry is Olymp. 1 five eight , four = 145/144 B . C . The 12 months one hundred forty five B . C . for Alexander Balas's loss of life is sure end result of the virtually simultaneous death of Ptolemy Philometor, see RE s. v. 'Ptolemaios' (24); for the proof of the date of his dying ibid, xxiii 2, col. 1 7 1 7 . No cuneiform courting is understood later than 21 November, 146 B . C . , Parker and Dubherstein, op. cit. , p. 24. The fullest account to t h a t of H. Volkmann, op. cit. , Klio 19 (1925), pp. three 7 three - four 1 2 . Demetrius I I Nicator (145-140/39 B. C. ) Antiochus V I (145-142 B . C ) . T r y p h o n (142/1-138 B. C. ) T h e throne of Demetrius w a s in i t s flip contested b y certainly one of A l e x ­ ander's generals, Diodotus Tryphon, in t h e identify of Alexander's son, Antiochus V I , w h o w a s nonetheless a minor. T r five ^ h o n , in spite of the fact that, coveted the throne for himself, h a d his w a r d The background of Syria 131 Antiochus murdered, and m a d e himself king. quickly afterwards (or earlier than, based on different sources), Demetrius undertook a crusade opposed to the Parthians during w h i c h he w a s captured in 138 B. C. B u t T r y p h o n w a s a t t a c ok e d at D o r a b y Antiochus V I I Sidetes, t h e brother of Demetrius, besieged a t A p a m e a , and compeUed to t a okay e his personal existence, S t r a b o xiv five , 2 (668); Jos. Ant. x i u 7, 2 (222-3); A p p i a n Syr. 68/357. The insurrection of Demetrius opposed to Alexander Balas begun, based on i Mac. 10:67, within the Seleucid yr 1 6 five = 148/7 (or 147/6) B . C . The cash conceal 167 t o 173 of the Seleucid e r a = 146/5 to 140/139 B . C , Babelon, op. cit. , p. cxxxi. cash of Antiochus VI exist from 1 6 7 to at least one 7 1 of the Seleucid period= 146/5 to 142/1 B . C . , Babelon, op. cit. , p . cxxxv; H. Seyrig, 'Notes on Syrian cash I: the Khan el-abde locate and the Coinage of Tryphon', Num. Notes and Monog. 1 1 nine (1950), pp. 1 - 2 2 ; and of Tryphon with the years 2-4, Babelon op. cit. , p. cxxxviii; Seyrig, op. cit. Josephus says t h a t the reign of Antiochus VI lasted 4 years and that of Tryphon 3, Ant. xiii 7, 1—2 (218, 224). as a result, the 1st might fall in 145/1 B. C. and the second one in 141/38 B . C . , or, which turns out much more likely because of the cash, 145/2 and 142/38 B . C besides the fact that, Porphyry and Eusebius characteristic a reign of merely 3 years to Demetrius, i. e. , earlier than his imprisonment, (Eusebius, Chron. ed. Schoene I, cols. 2 five 7 , 263-4), particularly from Olymp. one hundred sixty, 1 (in truth, 159, four = 141/40 B . C . ) to Olymp. a hundred and sixty, three = 1 three eight / 7 B . C . it sounds as if, Porphyry and Eusebius count number the years of Demetrius's reign purely from the elimination (by defeat or assassination) of Antiochus VI. The numismatic facts, notwithstanding, has the same opinion with the chronology of the 1st ebook of Maccabees, which mentions a hundred and seventy of the Seleucid period= 143/2 B . C . because the approximate date of the homicide of Antiochus through Tryphon (1 Mac.

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